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Media training, video news releases, live streaming, event coverage, aerial video content, corporate videos, training videos, social media content, broadcast services and so much more.

The traditional media landscape has changed and your marketing spend needs proven returns!

Our mantra is ‘the best service shouldn’t cost the earth’ and the friendly team at dLIVEr has the ability to work with you to capture and help grow your business by expanding the reach of your current client base as well as providing high-level content for use in-house.

Pre Production

The friendly team at dLIVEr can create content to promote each event as well as clips for use within the live production. This includes promos, colour pieces or overlay and even pre-recorded interviews if required.

Live Stream Production

Our team has well over half a century of experience working on a range of live broadcasts
both nationally and around the world, so we know what it takes to make your production
a success.

Post Production

dLIVEr also offers post production services including highlights and cut-downs of your production for ongoing social media and corporate usage.
To find out more, contact us.

Media Training

Media Training is becoming increasingly more important for corporate communications teams – not just for crisis management and dealing with the media but also for AGMs, and anywhere confident and critical message delivery needs to be learned and refined. dLIVEr work with some of the best facilitators in the game so touch base if you or your team could do with some professional media training.

Motion Graphics

We engage some of our industries most creative and well regarded motion graphic artists to help bring ideas to visual reality. From conferences to awards ceremonies, marketing and training videos and for global broadcast, our creative team can help bring ideas to life!

Aerial Video Content

With 2 fully accredited CASA drone pilots as part of the team we have the expertise and creativity to capture content that adds that WOW! factor from above. Check out our YouTube channel for some examples of our  recent projects around the globe.

dLIVEr: Who We Are

dLIVEr is Queensland’s expert corporate & broadcast production team with well over 50 years live television broadcast experience. Specialising in projects both simple and complex, dLIVEr has a wealth of expertise from Producers to Marketing Professionals who will help facilitate, create, produce and market your content.

We also specialise in providing live stream services for virtual conferences, forums, events, sports, music performances, and much more or any other project where seamlessly taking your message to a national or global audience is a must!

We’re a team of dedicated creative professionals, committed to quality outcomes.

Give us a call – we are only too happy to chat through the best options for your business.

Aerial Content
Pre & Post Production
Live Streaming
Broadcast & Corporate

Why We Are Different



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Free First Consultation

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Consult Me!

The dLIVEr Team


Michael 'Jockey' Brown

Creative Director

Jockey cut his teeth in the TV game way back when Rob Brough was host on Family Feud for the Seven Network in the early 90’s 😱. Since then it’s been a passion of creativity across the globe and working on projects as producer, drone operator, camera operator and editor for both TV productions and the corporate space. “Find a career you love and never work a day in your life!”

Andrew 'AC' Currie

Production Manager

Andrew is our Production Manager, Chief Camera Operator, epic lawn bowler and all round nice guy. He brings with him more than three decades experience behind the lens shooting everything from commercials, to corporate videos, documentaries and live sporting events and spectacular drone footage. AC has an extraordinary ability to deliver compelling content that not only cuts through the noise but puts clients at ease.

Matthew 'Midas' Miller

Technical Director

Matt Miller – Our resident YouTube star courtesy of his Trekzone channel (subscribe and follow his love of all things aerospace) and more importantly, the technical glue that holds our productions together. We often say to clients that there are no silly ideas, only whether it’s technically possible. Matthew loves a challenge and is big on making it possible.

Damien Hansen


Damien is a former journalist and television producer who spent 15 years working for Australia’s biggest commercial networks. He is passionate about developing content and new streaming platforms that give audiences a clear pathway to quality, engaging and highly specialised content. When he’s not being a creative genius for dLIVEr, he’s developing brilliant concepts like Sandy Balls Beach Golf (yes, it’s a thing!)

Michael Bliss

Motion Graphics Artist

Blisso is our graphics design guru with almost 10 years of experience in the TV industry and out. When he’s not training in martial arts or enjoying a strong cup of coffee (Kungfu Barista?) he’s honing his craft. From working at the Seven Network to creating corporate content to music video animations and illustrations, this sun of a gun does it all, with exceptional quality, efficiency and a smile.

Dale Roberts

Camera Operator & Editor

When he’s not arguing with leaf-blowers you’ll find Dale behind the lens of some of the countries great sporting events, corporate videos and children’s programming. Like most of the dLIVEr team, Dale’s years in television production were initially forged with the Seven Network. He’s a friendly multi-disciplined team member who you’ll also find crafting content in the edit suite for our many clients.

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Let us help you tell YOUR story to the world!

dLIVEr’s specialised remote production process means broadcast-quality live events are possible and financially viable. We can take your event LIVE globally via your own website or  a secure delivery platform and can enhance the experience by using the interactivity of social media networks which allow viewers to instantly engage.


Based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Servicing clients worldwide

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We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the First Australians and Traditional Custodians of the lands where we live, learn and work.